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An efficient and simple platform for franchises.

Mr Bubo offers the best solution that meets

the needs of your franchise.

Your company and franchises, connected!

Centralized Communication

A strong and efficient communication channel for agile decision making that replaces informal means

of communication.

Collaborative and Agile

Franchise management within your reach! Communication between areas with a simple and connected workflow.

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Benefits Obtained Using Mr Bubo Franchise.



Efficient control and communication at the geographical level.

Customized dashboard and indicators

Reduction of operating costs.

Digital structure for innovative franchise growth.

Higher productivity in different areas of the company.

Reducción de costos operativos.


Mr Bubo Franchise!


Franchises managed



 Countries with distributed franchises.



Mr Bubo awaits you! Join in!

Each passing day is a new claim that goes unmanaged! We are here to help you.

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