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Now your municipality can be Efficient.

Mr Bubo City is a Smart City solution based on the three fundamental pillars of Open Government:

Transparency, collaboration and participation.

Mr Bubo brings you closer to the digital transformation.

Citizen Management

Software for efficient municipal management, by automating processes, communication, and geolocating the different claims made for agile decision making.

Communicate With Your Community

Be informed about everything your community reports in order to respond to them more efficiently and quickly through Mr Bubo's two-way communication channel, which connects you directly with your community through an app customized to your liking.

Implementation in Municipalities

Fast, easy and intuitive configuration; it does not require a prior investment and integrates into existing solutions.

Reports and Maps from your Community

With Mr Bubo, you will be able to manage and customize report dashboards with customized indicators about what is happening in your community, in addition to the personalized map showing where events are occurring.

Mr Bubo's Benefits.

Digital Transformation

Use of new technologies, such as Mr Bubo, which innovate, speed up and transform the processes generated, accompanying the cultural change in your municipality.

Transparent Management

With Mr Bubo, you may know every claim made by the community and generate collaborative and open reports.

Save Your


An efficient and fast response to the claims made by the community generates great cost savings.

Results Obtained Using Mr Bubo.


Claims generated and solved




Fallen poles reported



Broken lights reported



 Potholes reported


Mr Bubo awaits you! Join in!


Each passing day is a new claim that goes unmanaged! We are here to help you.

¡Gracias por tu interés. Nos pondremos en contacto a la brevedad!

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